This is a trial version of TuxCAD, a 3d CAD- and simlation-system for Linux. The program will be published unter the GPL (GNU general public licence). TuxCAD ist still under development and so, important functions are missing and numerous bugs have to be fixed.


TuxCAD tends to be a simple to use CAD-system, which serves the prime functions of a real CAD-system. This will be the construction of parts and devices, graphical representation, measurement of dimensions and simulation of movements.

System requirements


TuxCAD does not need any special hardware. A Pentium 133 MHz should serve the purpose for smaller play. To make the work with TuxCAD more pleasant, you should use a faster computer and a graphic card with 3d support, which is supported by Linux. The color depth should be at least 16 bit. Thinking about the current hardware, this should be not to difficult. However, if you haven't a hardware accelerated graphic board, you might use the Mesa-libraries instead.


I developed and tested TuxCAD only on a Linux-system. Prior tests with Solaris and IRIX have shown, that porting the program to other Unix platforms should be not too difficult (if the neccessary libraries are available). TuxCAD needs the following packages (the named version-numbers are taken from my system; I hope there are no problems with a little bit older or newer versions).
All these packages should be included in most distribution, but can be also downloaded from rpmfind.net .

TODO-List / known bugs

The current version of TuxCAD is rather instable and there are a lot of function missing. While a CAD-system is not a small project the following list contains only a small selection of the most important errors and insufficiencies. The design of the classes is still under construction. There's still a lot to do. Well, this is foremost version 0.04 of TuxCAD...


This program will be published unter the terms of the GPL (GNU PUBLIC LICENSE). An actual version of this license can be found at the homepage of www.gnu.org .

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