TuxCAD consists of several libraries. Some of them has been used for other projects, too. Most libraries are rather old and hence written in C. They contain basic functions for handling geometric data or for simplifiing the writing of applications (GUI).
The libraries concerning TuxCAD and the application themself are written in C++. I've partitioned the libraries into a few packages so that you needn't download the hole files, even if there are only minor changes have been done.

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This archive contains the libraries, which are needed both by TuxCAD and my other projects. Of course, they might be also used for your own projects.
Here's a short description of these libraries:
  • libdebug (C)
    Used for creating debuggin messages.
  • libmem (C)
    Library, which helps finding memory leaks in C-programs.
  • libtools (C)
    General functions concerning file- and directorynames or relieving X-Windows access (images, colors, ...).
  • libdialog (C)
    Library for creating (Motif-)dialogs.
  • libarray (C)
    Contains a geometric widget class for arranging other widgets.
  • libhelp (C)
    The TuxCAD online help windowis based on this library.
  • libprg (C)
    The functions of this library simplify application develpment.
  • libnet (C)
    Functions, that help creating socket-based client-/server applications.
  • libgeo (C)
    Manages basically geometric data (B-reps).
  • libobject (C)
    Uses libgeo for creating simple objects.
  • libpart (C)
    Stores and manipulates part-data.
  • libsim3d (C++)
    Classes needed for simulating kinematic chains (roboters).
  • libcad3d (C++)
    This library contains classes used to create OpenGL-windows showing CAD-data.
  • libigrip (C++)
    Im- and export-filters for loading and saving Igrip files.
The main application is written in C++. Since the last version, I've redesigned some libraries, but there has still a lot of work to be done. So, there might be major changes in the following versions.
Important: While the actual TuxCAD version is linked statically, these package is not needed for executing TuxCAD !
Additional, you need the gltt-package, which can be downloaded from or
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The contents of this package are the TuxCAD-binaray as well as some related files (resource-, online help-, config-files, ...). To keep installation as simple as possible, the program is linkes statically. This package contains no additional libraries. If you need the libraries or a dynamically linked version, please download the source-package.
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Here are some TuxCAD-data files in IGRIP-format. Maybe, you will find more files in the internet. If there's somebody who'd like to publish her/his data here, please send me a message. I will publish a list with links or make the data available here.

I've testet the installation on a SuSE 7.1 system multiple times. However, if I overlooked something or there are problems installing TuxCAD on other systems, I would be grateful for considerations. You will find my E-Mail address when you're clicking the button on the left.

A change to RPM-packages is planed, so that the installation might become easier, then.

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