Last changes

Version 0.01: June, 10th 2002
Publishing the first version of TuxCAD

Version 0.02: April, 4th 2002 (sorry - has been last longer than expected)
- Lots of bugs fixed and many new created :-)
- Basically CSG-functions implemented (difference/union/intersection)
- Import and exportfilters moved into libraries which are loaded at runtime.
- design improvement (not finished, yet)
- Several dialogs modified (e.g. light properties)
- 1st steps of managing motion tasks
- new description added to the online help
Version 0.03: June, 1st 2003
- Problems while compiling with newer g++ versions (3.2 ? and newer) solved
- Selection of multiple parts/devices improved
- Basically functions for saving and loading the data created.
- Hompage testes and corrected for Mozilla browser.
TuxCAD will be permanently changed and extended. So, if there's anybody who don't want to wait for the next release, she/he may send me a mail and I will give her/him an interim release.

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